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Degree Committee

Supervise course coordination meetings and ensure content consistency across the different modules, courses, and subjects offered in the Medicine degree. Homogenize agreements between various Course Committees. Support the Center’s Quality Guarantee Committee in its different roles.

Year Group Committee Coordinate the year group (Year 1–Year 6) to which the committee is attached. Establish regular meetings to monitor issues related to the corresponding year group—with a minimum of two meetings, one per semester.
Assessment Review Board
In line with the UCLM regulations for the assessment of students, established in the Governing Council meeting of the 28th of May, 2014, students can appeal—by submitting a reasoned statement addressed to the center's management committee— for the final qualifications for any given subject to be reviewed by the Assessment Review Board. This appeal should be made within five working days following the end of the qualifications’ review period.
Final Degree Project Committee Supervise the regulatory compliance and implementation of Final Degree Projects (TFG).
Recognition of ECTS Committee Apply UCLM regulations for the transfer and recognition of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits for students enrolling at the Medical School.
Survey Scholarships Ranking Delegated Committee Rank and select among the students applying for a scholarship to conduct surveys according to the planning criteria established by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
Library Delegated Committee Coordinate the bibliographic collections of the Ciudad Real Medical School Library. These collections include donated books and journals, PhD dissertations, and Final Degree Project dissertations. Coordinate acquisitions for collection development at the Medical School Library (central library and UCLM library at the Ciudad Real University General Hospital).
Delegated Committee for Animal Facilities Ensure compliance with internal administrative and animal welfare regulations for research, teaching, and other scientific activities.
Delegated Committee for Research Supervise and manage shared scientific equipment; centralize applications to acquire new material and equipment; and coordinate the use and maintenance of shared scientific-technical research equipment.
Delegated Committee for Mobility Coordinate student mobility (i.e., SICUE and ERASMUS programs), including the extracurricular external practice program from Year 2—which is conducted during July in health care centers within the SESCAM and in other centers with which the Medical School has established appropriate agreements.
Self-protection Committee Organize the implementation of Self-protection Plans at the Medical School—i.e., training, emergency drills, reviews, safety inspections. Assess the Self-protection Plans, bringing forward proposals and monitoring their implementation. Ensure that the response teams and their training are up-to-date (planning and development).