PhD Degree Program

UCLM Health Sciences PhD Program

The Health Sciences PhD program (, recently accredited by the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) and recognized by the Spanish Council of Universities, is the only doctoral program offered by the UCLM in the field of Health Sciences. There are currently two pre-registration deadlines, one at the end of the academic session and one at the end of the year. 


The pre-registration period is open to all applicants, who can submit the required information via an online form once they have registered as a user. It is also necessary to attach a PhD project proposal  


Detailed information on the application process can be found at .

However, before pre-registration and enrollment in the doctoral program, it is necessary to consider the following

  • Pre-registration in this doctoral program should be limited to those professionals starting their research projects or those who have already begun but do not expect to finish them in the near future. o. 
  • Although the doctoral program has been accredited and officially recognized, several formalities have to be followed to include a PhD project in the Spanish Register of Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT). First, it must receive approval from the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha, with publication in the Castilla-La Mancha Official Bulletin. Once approval has been granted at the Autonomous Community level, it needs to be sanctioned by the Spanish Council of Ministers and be published in the BOE before it is included in the RUCT. Failure to register a project in the RUCT means it will not be possible to submit a PhD for examination or receive a final qualification in the doctoral program.  
  • The establishment of a unique Health Sciences doctoral program means that previous doctoral programs (i.e., Experimental Biomedicine, Medical-Surgical Pathology, or Psychology) are no longer being offered at the UCLM.  
  • The period necessary for inclusion in the RUCT is variable but can take up to several months. Therefore, candidates nearing completion of their PhD dissertations who want to submit them for examination soon should not apply for enrollment in a new program.  


Guidelines for PhD submission and defense at the Ciudad Real Medical School.