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Online training

Enquire about the online courses the Library provides.

Formación de usuarios

Since 2011, the University Library has provided two online courses entitled: Learning how to search for and use information (beginner and advanced level) mainly aimed at UCLM degree students: 

  • Beginner level, aimed at students who are beginning their studies(first or second year students) where they can find what resources are at their disposal at the library and how they can handle them in order to make their academic life easier: assignments,exams,etc. Consult the programme.


  • Advanced level,more technical and specialized ( aimed atthird and fourth year degree students, post graduates and doctorates ) where they have complete access to the specific databases for each large topic area and are given guidance on how to approach a good end-of-degree thesis or project. According to what they are studying, students may apply to one of these four specialisms.

                       - Health Sciences.

                       - Legal and Social Sciences.

                       - Science and Technology.

                       - Educational Sciences and Humanities.


Each course is made up of 4 modules which include a presentation with their basic contents, explanatory videos and supplementary materials. Students must satisfactorily answer 4 questionnaires, one for each module, in order to pass the course, and fill out a satisfaction survey. There are two editions for each course throughout the academic year.

We provide two editions during each academic year, one is usually from October-December and the other from January-March.



Given by the Research Support Service of the University Library, it is a 50-hour course, of which 25 are for reading the didactic materials provided, and the other 25 are for the individual work of the students. This is a 4-week course. There are two exam sittings every year, one in February and the other in October.

An essential requirement for being accepted on the course is to be a Post graduate, Masters or doctorate student at the University of  Castilla-La Mancha and have the necessary UCLM credentials to access the virtual campus training platform. There are 75 places for each exam sitting and entrance is by strict order of enrolment. See the programme.

The course is made up of an introduction and four modules or didactic units:

  • Module 1: How to start a career as a researcher.
  • Module 2: Support tools for research work.
  • Module 3: Information sources.
  • Module 4: Dissemination and visibility of scientific output.


The aim of this course is to provide practical online training to introduce students to research work, as well as to managing certain bibliographical  resources and databases. In these situations, guides, video tutorials and in-house tutorials, as well as others that are available on the Internet, on how to use these tools will be provided. The course is assessed by some questionnaires, a final assessment aimed at management of certain resources and a range of optional reinforcement activities which will help students consolidate their knowledge. Once students have satisfactorily answered 50% of the questionnaires and done the obligatory assignments, they will obtain a certificate to show they have passed.