Management of desideratas (lists used in libraries to suggest acquisition of new works)

This service enables library users to request  purchasing bibliographic materials if they are to his or her interest. It is a service which is mainly aimed at students, although it is available to any library user.

You may suggest purchasing bibliographical materials ( largely manuals and general works) you feel you need, at the expense of the library, by showing a "desiderata".


Request the purchase

You may do so by filling out the desideratas form you will find on the loan counters and by handing these to the member of staff serving you. Or you can download the normalized form from here

You can also request it online, after having identified yourself on My Library:

From the library catalogue- “access to My    Library” option

From the library catalogue “access to My library” option


Purchasing requested material

The library will decide whether to acquire the material requested, with regards to how much this costs, the general interest the bibliographical materials have and their suitability to the current collection, etc.

Purchasing requests will be processed in no more than one week, and the user will be notified when  the material is available for lending.