Booking Equipment

Activities carried out by the Faculty of Medicine

Booking and using research equipment at the Medical School

Booking in advance is necessary to use the research equipment at the Medical School. Use the booking system at 
To use the booking system for the first time, you need to register as a user and create a username and password

Registering as a user

To register as a user, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and fill the following form "Formulario de alta de usuarios
  2. Send the filled form, signed by the user and the head of the research group, to the e-mail address 

Once the request is processed and permission granted by the equipment manager, a username and password will be sent to the e-mail address included in the application request.  

Since the terms and conditions of use are different for different pieces of equipment, the equipment manager may not authorize certain users.  

To cancel bookings, please use the same application.

Researchers are kindly asked to make sure the equipment is left clean and ready for the following user. The last user registered in the schedule will be responsible for switching off and cleaning the equipment, whether they have used it or no




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